Kook Ewo, a self-taught designer, began teaching Motion Design in various training centers in 1998. Then he worked between France and England for companies such as Metropolitan Films, TF1, Onirim, Yeast Films... In 2005, he joined the team of “Silent Hill”, a film by Christophe Gans, in Canada. He created the title sequence, the flashback sequence and the first film’s teaser.

Upon his return to France in 2007 he supervised the 3D previz (animated storyboards) of Christophe Gans’ film projects (“Onimusha” & “Lord of the Apes”) while creating title sequences for other films - “Martyrs”, “Ice People”...

After that, he continued creating title sequences for movies like “Splice” (Vincenzo Natali), “Silent Hill : Revelations 3D” (Michael J. Basset), “The Divide” (Xavier Gens), “Who’s Dayani Cristal?” (Marc Silver), “Errors of the human body” (Eron Sheean), and "The Strain" (Guillermo Del Toro, TV series).

During the same period he directed several adverts for Issey Miyake, Carte Noire and Burlington.
He is also the founder of the "Motion Plus Design" project which aims to create the first exhibition center dedicated to Motion Design.

Based in Paris, Kook Ewo now continues to dedicate himself primarily to the creation of title sequences in France, Canada and USA.