I’m teaching Motion Design since a decade, from basics to expert level (Adobe Certified Expert)
That’s how I came to give workshops and conferences in schools around the world (Paris, Montreal, Rio, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul).
Workshops programs can fit from 1 day (very basics for all students, no pre-skills in animation needed) up to 10 (Basics experts).
Feel free to contact me to get my detailed programs.

Here’s an example of program (5 days workshops, medium level) :

DAY 01
- What is Motion Design ? What is compositing ?
- Theory basics (After Effects workflow with other software, codecs).
- After Effects overview (Project, composition and timeline).
- Animation : keyframes spatial interpolations.

DAY 02
- Animation : keyframes temporal interpolations (curves)
- Animation tips (roving keyframes, holding keyframes, homothetic animation).
- Parental linking.
- Create and animate masks (rotoscoping).
- Blending modes

DAY 03
- Using alpha Channel.
- Using effects (+ mostly used effects overview)
- 3D tracking
- Warp Stabilization
- Expression basics

DAY 04
- Time remapping (variable speed).
- Use letters animation presets
- Create letters animation (basics)
- Cinema 4D integration.
- Create shape animations (basics)

DAY 05
- Using 3D layers
- Using a rigged 3D camera basics).
- Lifting and assembling a project.
- Render settings (output).

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